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The darkness has a name
Embers from tournaments past
Replicas, fresh off the assembly line
Which passage will be chosen for me?
Till the last second, they will drift in the laughing sea
Left to settle in the bottom of this glass

A failing grade that doesn’t just wipe off
Or stand and drown with consent in peaceful tides

Orbs of energy – primed like kamikaze submarines
In their millions and the line was universe
Particles – marching on the red line
Forever extending

Each sound echoes
Like forked lightning
But only when looking back

All the lights in the windows
They’ve written their own pages

Viewfinder is solipsist
Mice, trapped in our own invisible mazes

Mere flecks on a tiny piece
Of existence, living their billionth process
At 1000 miles a minute

If we draw the glass closer
Entire universes can be found
In grains of sand
Spiraling through the helix
PaW #46: Motion Blur
I got so worried that I wasn't gonna be able to write this in time, but I just appeared to vomit it out in under ten minutes.


Faltering the obstacles in shallow waters
Last hourglass left, quadrilateral will perish
Banana peel junction intermittent droop
Lost, into a watery grave...?
And as these clock arms beat you down
Diseases gnaw the hand that scolds
Seconds away from sweet freedom

Behold the berth of Tartarus
And I won’t breathe without it hearing me
No other way but down...

A jigsaw distorted
Morsels for Poseidon
Famished after these messages
Questions are no more
There's someone in there...
Chasing their tail
Through Satan's hallways
Every which way but affirmative
And they may never find the exit

And they may never remember our names
Stumbling down the tunnel
Falling in the scaffold
They wrote on the screen:
"Deus ex machina" in Glagolitic

There's some in there...
Loitering in the void
Hundreds upon hundreds
Unable to tear away
A blessing or a curse
Hurting the untouched few

Cannot be found in the pages
The blackboards scare it into us
Like geysers across my skin
Scrape off residue – not wanted

What if I fall in?
What if it grows?
You’ll be here eventually
We’re waiting with dread
PaW #44: Synthetic Hive
I actually started itching while writing this.

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This Piece-A-Week thing's goin' pretty well, if I say so myself. 
You may also notice I'm putting up other bits too. 
I've been writing pieces with my friend Sam too, on a variety of different subjects.
I'm going to be posting another one up in a few days; fair warning, though: it's written in a two-layer cipher.
Transposition, then full-on scramble. 
It may LOOK like random letters, but it does actually say something.
Be prepared.


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Josef Kirby
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
There's not a lot to say about me.

I'm a writer, musician and part-time screw-up.

I'm 20 years of age, with a taste for the odd, the unknown, the creepy and the downright fucked-up.

Should you get to know me, I'll be the best friend you never met.

There's not a lot to say about me.

Current Residence: Earth, idiot.
Favourite genre of music: Anything odd and inspired, really.
Favourite style of art: Macabre, sketchy, rough, stressed.
MP3 player of choice: My phone.
Favourite cartoon character: The oh-so-lovable stickman. :3
Personal Quote: Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion between supposed lovers.

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Reasons to hate yourselfNobody who gets near to you
is safe from harm's reach;
they all suffer damage from
your toxic destructiveness
because they care too much
or even enough,
or simply because they
ventured too close.
The bitch has escaped again,
keep your fingers away from her snapping jaws,
do not corner the beast for
she cannot distinguish
when demons dance, frolic, spin
behind unseeing eyes
and the chain is drawn
around her neck.
They are afraid of the unstable,
afraid for the unstable,
afraid to make the unstable more so
with a wrongly placed comment
or even tone of voice;
they are afraid to be responsible
for you hurting yourself;
they are afraid of you,
but mostly they are
You break things,
destroy, damage, dent,
leave marks on the world around you
just as much as you
scar your own skin.
The bitches teeth drew blood again,
droplets forming as vibrant
tears of grief,
of loss.
You hate yourself.
You fucking hate yourself.
You hate what you
  Embracing destructionAnd we'll run with the fire
l e a p i n g   from out fingers,
licking $cArl3t, aMb3r,
g01d as the sunset
over a city turned to ash,
the rubble of a once stable mind,
marble pillars reduced to
ammunition veined with Nav¥
ink   w/e\a/v\i/n\g   silent curses,
cynical prayers, laughter
bordering on insanity
echoing, bouncing, ringing
clear into a desolate sky,
1v0ry fangs grinning dry humour.
                        Have I not entertained you
                        with my blades thrown at
                        closed doors and glass
                        shattered through
                        bare souls?
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