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Pay no attention to the leeches
Though they crawl up this protolith
Sucking blood through igneous exoskeleton
The beggars will not eat today
But their lights shall be on

And in time, you may find...
That while the park may be full
When you’re in there
Scopophobia will be all but obsolete
‘Till the choreography is forgotten

I saw the vultures today
How emaciated, they have become
Ribcages thru the rind – under duress
Mayhaps your escape was convenient

This path is long and winding
And it will contort further if you persist
Do not bend with it
And stay familiar and overwhelmingly warm

Chattering like magma in its wake
A puppet dancing free of his strings
You have come this far
The point of no return cannot be seen behind you
Now swallow the poison
And embrace the tidal wave...
PaW #52: Gneiss (Grand Finale)
And there you have it.
My magnum opus is complete.
Thank you to everyone who has tagged along for the ride.
Thank you to all the people I've met and made friends with.
Thank you to the groups who have chosen to feature my work.
Thank you to BlackBowfin, gliitchlord, scheherazades, SheDares, AyeAye12, palladium-smoothie, chromeantennae, creativelycliche, moonkata84, scripted-silence, Serendiipitii, ButterBadger and eklipsd for inspiring me subliminally and helping me push on through this.
It's been one heck of a ride and I couldn't have done it without you guys.
I love you all.


Hollow earth, we followed your command
How freely you let these gardens grow
Many moons ago the light shone upon you
Now the beacons move to more erratic territory
There was much debate about the scriptures you left behind
Though we read and learned your ways
Forever safe in the knowledge
That you intended no harm to us, your followers

Short-circuits alleviated, the storm overflowing in a teacup
Knowledge of the dwellers ‘neath your shell
Keeping the concept of leaving with more than a whimper in mind
This fanfare will last until the applause ceases
Their machines of an ivory (an)aesthetic
Are only here to make you comfortable
For the oncoming ride – full speed ahead
Subterranean settlements, polluting the land we walk on
And antennae that may pierce the clouds

May you slip into darkness painlessly
PaW #51: Zenosyne
I'm almost there.
Thank you to anyone who's joined me on this rollercoaster.

I love you all.


Incision shrouded in fog
Testcard scoliosis
Spiral ‘round each indentation
And when the hour strikes
Will we alight this ride

Overflow this stopwatch
As the ground could give way
At any moment
The slightest error will destroy me
Can’t afford corrosion

Is it in your best interest, bailiff
To think that the world
Is your debtor
Keep an eye about your surroundings
To ensure you don’t sand your nose clean off
PaW #50: The Thing That Scares Me Most
We might not be here in the near future.
So do what you can whilst we are.


Awoke, barren en masse
Diluting clouds on command
Threatened by its heartbeat
Highways that cleanse the mind
We anticipate the hangman
Whereabouts unknown
Blue dwarf in an everlasting expanse
Yet this tunnel grows longer
With each passing second
Prepared to descend at any given point
Tell me if the sequence changes
PaW #49: Caveat Emptor (Part III)
I was really hard-pressed for time with this one.
I wouldn't usually put part of the Caveat Emptor series as my weekly piece, but in this case, I have to.


...and if the wheels don’t stop turning

Will Mother still take me in her arms?

All these perpetual lovebites

Nothing so simple as tabula rasa

Stepping on veins of sentimentality
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Sithu Aye
  • Reading: IHNMAIMS - Harlan Ellison
  • Playing: Borderlands 2
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Pepsi
This Piece-A-Week thing's goin' pretty well, if I say so myself. 
You may also notice I'm putting up other bits too. 
I've been writing pieces with my friend Sam too, on a variety of different subjects.
I'm going to be posting another one up in a few days; fair warning, though: it's written in a two-layer cipher.
Transposition, then full-on scramble. 
It may LOOK like random letters, but it does actually say something.
Be prepared.


DEADMEAT15's Profile Picture
Josef Kirby
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
There's not a lot to say about me.

I'm a writer, musician and part-time screw-up.

I'm 20 years of age, with a taste for the odd, the unknown, the creepy and the downright fucked-up.

Should you get to know me, I'll be the best friend you never met.

There's not a lot to say about me.

Current Residence: Earth, idiot.
Favourite genre of music: Anything odd and inspired, really.
Favourite style of art: Macabre, sketchy, rough, stressed.
MP3 player of choice: My phone.
Favourite cartoon character: The oh-so-lovable stickman. :3
Personal Quote: Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion between supposed lovers.

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