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Millennial, this glacial drip
Waiting for the hasty spotlight
An absence, unaccounted for as of yet
Outpatient of this baptism
Quarks at undiscovered apogee
We go stealthily by periscopes
We will see those waves – in due time...

You’re only defibrillating the abyss
Sprinting across flatlines
Like a plethora of papercuts to the veins
The opposition, gastropoda in gait
We will see those waves – I hope...

Stuck in a crawl for eminence
In this carpal tunnel moratorium
If only you could see me now, Mr. Ellison
Liquid sun through cracks in the barriers
No matter how carefully they guide it down

Now sentient suits with ties
Choose to exhume an aching machine
Running under receding hairline

I always seem to float at the dead pool’s surface...
A catastrophe by any other name
Blind and frozen in this jugular contusion
Faded, they don’t see you asking
But it all seemed so real to them
Under cover of night, coming in loud and clear

Handcuffs are not even tipping the scales
Surround-sound apex predators
How they wish to show their true colours
You’d better wear that smile for the baying crowd
His voice through the interference
Was this tranquilized scoreboard

These pages are filled with more words
Than what our eyes perceive
And more than the permissions shown
So can we please alight
To travel downwards...?
Adrift in unknown waves
Is this bile that is rising
From seasickness or stress?
My compass, an unending cyclone
That sits atop whalesong reverie
With my head in the clouds
Arrogance made of rope
I can’t think with all this bleating
Nine-tailed warning shot

Petrified branches start to sag
Despite our best efforts, we are still penniless
Holding back the snake’s bite
As they chirpse with librarian’s pulse

It harkens back to a time
Where no one paid for their voice
Hearing click-click-clicks as they turn it back...
And gather for this burning of the books
His hand extends and pulls me down the drainpipe
Drowns me in His filth
Loco-motive ejaculate, interred venom
Clambering for the keelhaul

Repetitive hypodermics
Only to be thrown between its spokes
Time and time again
Lantern grows faint
Find comfort in this embryo

Dragging dirt-covered eyes open
Genie has forsaken me
When the whispers stop
And the screaming starts...
Caveat Emptor (Part I)
Part one of possibly many.


He wasn’t prepared for this
Then again, no one ever is
There was no forewarning
No preface with which to tell him
And not an instruction manual in sight
He had to face this climb alone
For it was his mountain
An unsightly mound in the path
Built in his image
And made to resemble the difficulties he had faced
And it was his own lethargy
That got him here in the first place
No tools were provided to him
He had to do this on his own
For eventually, he would reach the peak
But it would require monumental effort
However, should he choose to scale it
His reward would be so liberating
And so, scale that mountain, he did
And his reward, he claimed
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This Piece-A-Week thing's goin' pretty well, if I say so myself. 
You may also notice I'm putting up other bits too. 
I've been writing pieces with my friend Sam too, on a variety of different subjects.
I'm going to be posting another one up in a few days; fair warning, though: it's written in a two-layer cipher.
Transposition, then full-on scramble. 
It may LOOK like random letters, but it does actually say something.
Be prepared.


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Josef Kirby
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
There's not a lot to say about me.

I'm a writer, musician and part-time screw-up.

I'm 20 years of age, with a taste for the odd, the unknown, the creepy and the downright fucked-up.

Should you get to know me, I'll be the best friend you never met.

There's not a lot to say about me.

Current Residence: Earth, idiot.
Favourite genre of music: Anything odd and inspired, really.
Favourite style of art: Macabre, sketchy, rough, stressed.
MP3 player of choice: My phone.
Favourite cartoon character: The oh-so-lovable stickman. :3
Personal Quote: Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion between supposed lovers.

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